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Brand You

Build ProfileAre you wondering how to get into the golf industry, or how to work toward your career goals? We have a special service available for people just like you. Its called BRAND YOU.

Do you ever wonder why you may have not received a callback or an interview, even though you feel you have the great skills needed to fill a job vacancy?

Employers are looking for very specific qualities in an applicant and this will change dramatically from job to job that you apply for. BRAND YOU is a way we assist in helping you understand how the employers may be perceiving you.

Are you representing yourself in the best light for each and every job that you apply for? Each application you make must be tailored to the job ad that is being promoted.

The BRAND YOU evaluation service (fees apply) begins with an intensive phone interview with you to find out more about your career aspirations and current skills and experience.

An online personality review is conducted which will assist in understanding the best type of roles and helping match you with clients that are looking for same.

From there we work with you on writing and improving your Resume and Cover letter and any other supporting documentation.

The career networking site LinkedIn has become a major global medium in the recruitment process, with this profile needing to be presented in a highly professional manner. We will assist in improving this important branding tool for you.

Once the above is completed, we provide you specific feedback on how clients may see your profile when receiving an application from you and what steps you may want to take to improve in the areas you may not be as strong in.

We  can also continue working with you as your personal advisor/mentor for your ongoing career development and for anytime you’re applying for future positions within the golf industry.

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