11 Resume Myths Busted: Realities Revealed

Crafting the perfect résumé is a hard-enough challenge before trying to factor in all the myths there are about the process. However, some of those common myths — including your résumé can’t be more than one page or it’s OK to have some white lies on your résumé — hold very little water among companies looking to hire employees. To separate fact from fiction, several experts gave the truth behind some of their favorite myths on what companies look for in a résumé.

Myth: Grade point average is a top consideration

Truth: I don’t even consider it when I am interviewing potential employees. I know that a 4.0 can mean that you took relatively easy classes to pad your GPA. I also am aware that you can be excellent in your major and have non-related topics destroy your GPA. For me, that was Spanish and statistics, neither of which is necessary or relevant in my chosen line of work. What I am more interested in is examples of your work as a showcase of your ability. – Shelli Dallacqua, president, Shelten Media

Myth: Résumés should be one page.

Truth: Résumés are allowed to be two pages unless you are stretching the information. One page just isn’t enough, unless you are right out of school. — Jill MacFadyen, career and outplacement coach

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