Finding the right people – Recruitment & Selection


Are you struggling to attract the right people to your organisation? Are you a club or establishment in need of professional support in their recruitment process? Finding the right people to bring on board your business requires a thorough and careful recruitment process which can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking.

We have a solution for every budget!

Golf Recruitment Central specialises in the recruitment of all levels of management positions in the golf industry throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Our consultants have decades of club and golf management experience in recruiting a varied list of positions- from supervisor and departmental manager up to General Manager, Financial Controller, and CEO.

Dependent on your particular requirements, our process can encompass some or all of the recruitment steps needed by your facility- from client briefing, marketing, contract negotiations, employment contracts and even transitional training for the new candidate.

Once we receive a full briefing from you on your facility’s particular requirements, a “flat fee” proposal will be sent outlining the services to be provided and a timeline on all activities to be undertaken. It’s important to us to be transparent during the entire process utilising regular communication with you and to most importantly stay neutral when it comes time for contract negotiation.

We do all the work to facilitate finding you not just the best candidate but more importantly the “right” candidate available.

Find out more about our services OR Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and to receive quotation.

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