The power of body language in job interviews


Sometimes the hardest part of a job interview is not remembering what to say, but making sure your body is saying it too. Recent studies suggest that only 7 per cent of our communication are the actual words we say, and as much as 55 per cent are our non-verbal actions – our body language. This clearly emphasise the power of the non-verbal communication, and might very well be the reason why you did – or did not get the job you applied for.

Golf Recruitment Central can assist you in not only locating the vacant roles but also in preparing you for the best possible chance at landing your dream job in the golf industry. Our qualified team can help you build your professional profile in the golf industry and work directly with you in improving your personal brand, what we like to call Brand You.

We  can also continue working with you as your personal advisor/mentor for your ongoing career development and for anytime you’re applying for future positions within the golf industry.

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Golf Recruitment Central is a golf specific recruitment company and a specialised operating arm of Golf Industry Central. We work within all areas of the Australasian golf industry by helping match the right candidates into the appropriate roles looking to be filled.

With over 20 years’ experience in the actual operation of golf facilities, we fully understand the specific requirements needed for the various roles that are unique to golf. We also provide a variety of services for the candidates as they prepare for a new role in the industry.

We have proven track results with placed candidates remaining in their role for an extended period of time.

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