10 Loud-and-Clear Signs it’s Time to Look for a New Job

Most of us have been there at one time or another during our career. Your inner voice is saying, “Quit! This is just not worth it!” but you keep rationalizing that it will be too hard to find a replacement for your job, you like working with so and so, you only have a few more years before you retire, things will get better soon, or you can’t find a job making this much money.

The truth is you’re not doing anyone—mostly yourself, your company, or your customers—any favors by holding onto a job that you know deep down in your heart just isn’t right anymore. And, believe it or not, your company will survive just fine without you.

Need some motivation? If one or more of these 10 warning signs resonate with you and you find yourself saying, “Yep, that’s me!” then perhaps it really is time to start that job search—and now, while you’re still employed. What are you waiting for?

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