Common body language mistakes in interviews

What speaks more than words in an interview? Body language is the answer.

Have you noticed how you warm to someone who looks you in the eye, and feel threatened when someone leans back and fold their arms?

Job hunting season is now open and some experts say a good chunk of the interviewer’s impression of you will come straight from your body language.

Even if it was only 20% body language and the rest based on your words, then great body language that helps you get noticed could be the boost that you need in the interview.

That’s right. Simple things such as sitting upright and uncrossing your arms will make your interviewer more inclined to like you.

This applies just as much for first jobbers as it does for executives, says Richard Wynn, regional director at Michael Page. “Irrespective of what you say in the interview you will be given points for your handshake, your body language and your eye contact,” says Wynn.

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