Your Next Recruit – A Game Changer

Connecting and building strong professional networks in the golf industry among general managers and clubs  can present promising opportunities to engage and provide a wide range of strategic, marketing and operationally  focused services including sourcing the right management team.

It is not surprising to discover that many employees are, at some point, seeking out opportunities to progress their careers, relocate or take on new challenges.

By forging strong golf business leader relationships and keeping ears close to the ground, it is only a matter of course before openings or jobs are uncovered and it is then possible to match the most suitable candidates to the opportunity and a potentially winning mutually beneficial assignment is recruited and fulfilled.

This is an indirect form of head hunting which naturally flows through having a solid connection with your subscribers’ and understanding their primary professional goals and aspirations.  The head hunt can be a flattering experience and highly attractive if the opportunity presented meets the crucial objectives and preferences of a motivated and ambitious senior manager.

It does not help to circumvent or short cut the process, as history has proved, and it is highly recommended that all check list items are crossed off. What may appear at first to be a perfect match could unravel if best practice and prudence are not consistently observed.

Recruitment is essentially a ‘matching’ service and its chances are significantly increased if all parties are thoroughly understood in terms of their unique goals, objectives, vision and level of engagement. Individuals who have faced similar business challenges and who are creative solution makers working effectively with teams are more in demand than ever more.

Many quality managers have a strong set of attributes and experience but not all are suited to every business culture and environment.

For all prospective candidates ‘BRAND YOU’ is a concept Golf Recruitment Central has embraced and offered to anyone serious about advancing their careers in the golf industry. It is plain to see from a resume or LinkedIn profile how the candidate portrays their experience and expertise and the overall grading is below average.

For owners and employers it is increasingly important to tackle the challenges faced in their direct markets, and to attain the services of leaders and managers who they empower and trust to steer the club in the desired direction and deliver the expected results.

A number of General Managers are clipped at the wings, restricted by overbearing committee members but that is a separate discussion all together. From the employer perspective it is difficult to hide from high staff turnover rates e.g. if you have had three general managers  in the last three years – as bad news travels fast especially in this media saturated digital world.

It may serve your club, your members and your community  to partner with the specialists in the know who can help match out and secure the right leader for your business – it could  prove to be your most important recruit yet.


Andrew Howes is the newest team member at Golf Industry Central (GIC) in the role of Business Development Manager.

Andrew has a lifelong passion to be part of the golf industry and a strong background in finance, marketing and recruitment. The fact he is also so passionate about growing the game of golf is just a perfect fit for what Golf Industry Central is all about.

Prior to entering the world of golf, Andrew was active in several financial management, banking, auditing and fleet solution sales roles. Andrew is originally from South Africa and has been living in Brisbane for the past two years with his family.

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